SC Uplift

South Carolina Uplift Community Outreach


Description of Work – This project is the general improvement of an existing residence
located in Chester, Fairfield, and Union Counties within South Carolina.

Pre-Bid Contractor Meeting

Feature or System Examples of OAHMP Maintenance Repair Activities Examples of OAHMP Rehabilitation Repair
• adding or replacing address number so it is visible from the street for emergency responders
• power-washing slippery exterior surfaces
• construction of new walkways, driveways or parking areas, or replacement thereof
Building Exterior
• adding exterior lighting at entrances (to include automatic sensors)
• installing new or adjusting mailbox to make it easier to reach
• fixing gutters and downspouts if causing safety hazard
• manufactured / mobile home skirting
• Roof installation
• Gutter and/or downspout installation
Exterior walkways and steps
• graded ground ramps
• installing temporary/modular ramps (placed on top of the ground) for accessibility for individuals with a disability
• placing temporary anti-slip tape or colored tape or paint on surfaces
• applying directional signage or marking for wayfinding
• installing handrails on both sides of steps and/or pathways
• repairing cracked, broken, or uneven pathways (pavement, brick, etc.)
• installing permanent ramps (with footings set into the ground) for accessibility
• installing exterior stairlift
• installing wheelchair platform and lift
Exterior Windows and Doors
• installing automatic doors or automatic door openers
• installing magnetic screen door
• replacing door lock with one that is easier to operate
• replacing doorknobs with leverstyle handles
• adding or adjusting peephole or viewing panel to correct height for client
• eliminating trip hazards at entry threshold
• installing “tap-n-go” or other hands-free door hold open capability
• adjusting windows to make them easier to open and close
• fixing broken windowpane(s), storm window(s) or damaged entry door
• adding storm windows or storm doors
• widening exterior doorway to accommodate a walker or wheelchair
• replacement of exterior door
• replacement of windows
Interior Walls, Windows, and Ceilings
• adjusting or replacing hardware for drapes, shades, and/or curtains to make them easier to use
• building shelf to improve hands-free activity or to improve accessibility
• patching or mending cracked plaster
• patching or fixing holes or cracks in drywall
• installing new drywall or paneling
• installing new acoustical ceiling
Interior Doors and Hallways
• adjusting door swings to reverse or remove awkwardness
• installing automatic doors or door openers
• installing door hinge offset or swing clear door hinges
• installing “tap-n-go” or other hands-free door hold-open capability
• installing different door type
• widening interior doorways to accommodate a walker or wheelchair
• widening hallways to accommodate a walker or wheelchair
• repairing flooring transitions so there is zero height difference between them
• repairing floor tile to remove uneven surfaces
• repairing floors to remove uneven surfaces
• stripping floors and resealing when incidental to other work
• installing linoleum/vinyl flooring to remove uneven surfaces that pose extensive slipping or tripping hazards
• carpet removal
• cleaning floor when incidental to other work
• installation of new floor if the existing floor has extensive slipping or tripping hazards resulting from deterioration or damage
Interior Stairways (Circulation)
• installing railings
• maintaining chair lift/stair climber
• replacing broken stair treads or balusters
• applying adhesive strips with nonslip surface
• applying adhesive tape or paint to distinguish thresholds and edges
• carpet removal
• installing super-pole between floor and ceiling with or without pivot arm
• installing chair lift/stair climbers
Bathroom/ Laundry
• installing grab bars
• adding nonskid strips to bathtub or shower floor
• installing a hand-held or adjustable showerhead
• installing clamp for handheld shower on wall or grab bar br> • tub cuts to enable easy entry/conversion to shower
• installing curved shower rod
• installing easy-to-use lever handles rather than knobs or turn handles for the sink, bathtub, and shower faucets feature
• replacing toilet with comfort-height model
• installing pedestal or wall hung sink for wheelchair accessibility
• insulating exposed pipes beneath the sink to protect against touching a hot pipe
• cushioning exposed pipes beneath the sink to protect against bumping
• replacing or adjusting position of bathroom mirror, toilet paper holder, and other accessories to meet client’s needs
• replacing cabinet hardware, such as replacing round knobs with D-shaped handles
• installing new toilet handles
• installing toilet riser with handles
• installing toilet safety frame or rails
• repairing toilet seats
• installing wall soap holder
• repairing wall tile
• securing rugs with rubber carpet mesh or double-sided rug tape
• unclogging sink or toilet when incidental to other work
• moving or replacing washing machines and dryers
• replacing broken medicine cabinet
complete or substantial bathroom remodel
• installing new wall tile
• installing a walk-in shower or bathtub
• replacing cabinet hardware, such as replacing round knobs with D-shaped handles
• removing or replacing interior of existing cabinetry for easier access (e.g., pull-out drawers and shelves)
• replace faucets with lever-, touch-, or sensor-style faucet
• install easy-to-use ABC-rated fire extinguisher in an easy-toreach place
• install automatic stove turnoff devices
• complete or substantial kitchen remodel
• install lower work surface that can be used while seated
• lowering of cabinets
Electrical/ Lighting
• adding stick-on motion sensor lighting
• adding task lighting under cabinets and over counters and tables
• changing light bulbs
• adding light switches at top and bottom of stairs for safety
• replacing light switches with safety and accessibility features such as glow in the dark, rocker-style switches, or other easy-to-function switches
• moving light switches and electrical outlets where they are more accessible to the individual
• adding ball chain extension to ceiling fan/light
• major rewiring of building
• installing new electrical service
• replacing or moving electrical panels
HVAC / Plumbing systems
• replacing thermostat with one that has accessibility features
• setting home’s water heater or replacing its thermostat, to ensure hot water is at or below 120°F to avoid scalding
• installing pressure-balanced, temperature-regulated sink faucets in kitchen and bath
• installing new furnace or heat distribution system
• installing central air conditioning
• installing new plumbing system
• new water or sewer connection
• adding security technology to entrance door
• installing secure slide latch or chain inside entrance door
• installing new security alarm system
Life Safety
• installing GFCI outlet
• repairing electrical outlets
• installing or servicing smoke, fire and CO detectors
• installing or replacing doorbell that can be seen or heard by client throughout the house
• cleaning surface mold
• making substantial physical changes to a building to comply with fire and life safety codes
• installing fire suppression system
• chimney repairs
• mold remediation