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Conflict Analysis and Development

Today’s conflicts have mutated into complex systems that are driven by multiple and competing interests. These conflict dynamics have the potential to generate considerable and lasting turbulence across political and socio-economic spheres, undermining peace and sustainable development. A deeper understanding of the drivers of unrest and conflict and the capacities for peace in an ever-changing world is vital to the positive progression of a community. SC Uplift is equipped to identify and support a community’s capacity to sustain peace. Peacebuilding analysis utilizes evidence based techniques to enable strategic and targeted responses to better manage new forms of transition and turbulence, and reduce the likelihood of a (re-)emergence of conflict.

Developing a programmatic response to peacebuilding priorities is a multi-step process that requires conflict analysis, including a consideration of the specific ways in which conflict impacts various factions of a community differently; a theory of change; an informed risk assessment, and a robust monitoring and evaluation framework.

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